February 12, 2010

okay soo..

i know this isnt a personal blog, but i need somewhere to get my anger out that my this certain person won't see because he probably doesnt even care that it exists.

reasons you piss me off:

  • When i ask you about something the answer is always "it's nothing."
  • You do something, it's okay. I do the same thing, the world is going to end.
  • You ignore me.
  • i ask "who are you texting?" , you say.."no one". bah.
  • "what are you doing?"... "nothing.".. yes, you are doing something. you're not a lifeless doll.
  • "Talk about something.".. you say.."i can't think of what to say"
  • "with who?" or "Who are you with?".. you say "friends".. no shit, but what friends?
  • If i don't text you first, you wait til 3pm to text me.
  • one word responses. such as: no, yeah, yep, haha, nothing, nada.
  • When i'm mad, it's not okay. When you're mad, you have every right to be mad.
  • You talk to more girls than i do, and i'm the girl.
  • You told other girls. "damnn you sexii".. and when i asked you acted like nothing was wrong with that. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT.
  • "whatya doin?".. you say.."going to a party with some friends.".. oh, that's cool, thanks for asking if i want to go, im just sitting at home on a friday night. no big deal.
  • "Sorry, i was *insert wahat you were doing*...".. oh okay, thanks for not telling me and letting me sit here for two hours wondering why you didnt text back
  • "what did you do today?".. "played soccer".. first of all, that's not all you did, second of all, i play soccer too and i would have loved to go play, but it's cool.

January 10, 2010

Sooo.. It's been a while.

sorry. i'll be back soon! it's been hectic.