September 5, 2009

This picture speaks for itself. i love the brightness of it! this picture was taken today. My mother, brother, sister and i love to go exploring. Today we decided it was one of those days. We were on our way to a lake about an hour away when we stopped at a flea market, with various buildings and one of them was a BRIGHT yellow.. this certain area of the building caught my eye, and made for an amazing picture. While we were at the flea market, we met some extraordinary women, and picked up some pretty interesting things. I love doing that. and hey, there's nothing wrong with a good bargain.

another stop along the way was a yard sale. We met this amazing woman. She told us all about her life. She told us about ex-boyfriends, and the things they sent her from overseas. And then she told us about the skiis she was selling and how she had one boyfriend who sent them to her from california, and how she went on ski trips all the time. Then she told us about how she used to paint. she was sooo interesting, i took this picture of her clothes hanging up. just another one of those moments that catch your eye.

okay so, my sister wanted add a little something to this blog, she's a pretty talented little photographer herself. SO, our next stop along the way was a street festival in a little town, conviently named littleton. While we were here we enjoyed several different little booths, ribbon fries, a barbecue cook off, and home made lemonade, and my sister also captured a picture of me.

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