September 2, 2009

about the artist..

soo, Since this is a new blog..I thought i would tell you a little about myself;

I'm Jordan Davis. I was born on August 5th, 1991. I've grown up my whole life in a small town in North Carolina. I'm a short little thing, approximately 5 feet tall. I just turned 18, and I'm attending community college for a semester.. then i want to transfer somewhere to study marine biology. I loveee the outdoors. I've been dancing and playing soccer since i was four. Surfing since i was eight. And more recently (in high school) i started running, and i love it. I have a brother, logan.. And a sister Brooke.. And two amazing parents.. Jacqueline, and Marc. I love my two dogs lucky and sparkles, and i would loveee to have more pets. My favorite color is any shade of blue or green. My favorite smell is burning wood, or cured tobacco. My favorite food has got to be a salad. yum. I'm a sucker for a smile. I'll give just about anyone a hug. I can express any emotion i want with a song, and i love that. I LOVEEEE to swim in the ocean. I like to take risk.. without them.. life would be so boring. I love watching scary movies, even though they freak the hellllll out of me. I like boys alot.. and that's predominately who i hang out with.. i don't get along with alot of girls. I don't know why, but i don't question it, boys do more daring and fun stuff anyways. Every wednesday and sunday i play soccer with a bunch of boys and men who are twice my size, and i can hold my own. I believe i'm an extraordinary person, and i guarentee you will too. Enjoy the hard work i've done. (:
There’s the things I like:peace signs, and hearts. tie dye. the way my skin smells after a day at the beach. boys. banana pudding, music, summer, autumn when the trees are changing, being a southern girl, and havin the accent to prove it, change because it can be fun, the world because I believe it’s truly beautiful, taking pictures and tons of them, soccer, running, and surfing. camping, hiking, white water rafting. horse back riding. smiling. Being short! God. Adventures, and a good adrenaline rush. Being totally and completely crazy. making new friends. The friends that I‘ve had forever. Being clumsy and goofy. storms, and rain. feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. Traveling. eating health food. Art. sunny days, falling in love, writing in my planner, my best friends, the color pink, the beach and the mountains, deep conversations at the most unexpected times, running into someone I haven't seen in a long time, pictures, tanning, meeting someone and automatically knowing they will be my friend, my dogs, sweet tea, running until your legs feel wobbly, attending football, baseball or soccer games, rhyming words, daisies, my parents and my sister and my brother, boys with nice handwriting and manners, songs that relate to exactly how you feel at the time, laughing until my stomach hurts and my eyes are filled with tears, reading a good book on a sunny day, walking in the rain, the way the cold makes your nose and cheeks pink.

And there’s the things I dislike:when sam evans calls me a hippie, and then everyone else joins in. being really cold, obsessive & overprotective boys, heartbreak, people being teased/made fun of, backstabbing, lying, being ignored, frowning, yelling, headaches, losing, eating too much, bees and fire ants. When my cell phone or camera battery goes dead. When people tell me I can’t do something. Bruises. Being pale. Losing friends, flan, and green peppers. Cucumbers and too strong smells. Watching scary movies alone. Nightmares. German Shepards.

some people find me strange because: i like ketchup on macaroni and cheese.. and eggs, i pile leftovers into bread and call it a sandwich, crinkle my nose when i read, whenever i eat at home i eat half and give the rest to my dog, i eat only one color skittle at a time; they tast gross mixed together, i like to sing to myself, and walk around in circles when im bored, i'll stop in the middle of the road while im driving just because i see a good picture oppurtunity.

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